Real-time insights,
powered by human ingenuity

The Asensus mission is to deliver actionable insights exactly when they're most valuable, allowing surgeons around the world to perform safer, more predictable procedures.

That's Performance-Guided Surgery™ - next level technology that revolutionizes what's possible.

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Global Collaboration for Smarter Surgeries Everywhere

Changing the world of surgery

Surgeons need real-time information to make informed decisions, navigate challenging anatomy, and reduce variability. That’s why our team of engineers and software developers, in partnership with physician partners around the world, create technologies that go beyond hardware upgrades to enhance decision-making in the OR. By layering in advanced robotics and reusable instruments, we're providing the missing piece for the best standard of care, everywhere.

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    Employees in
    12 countries
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We’re Making “Better and Better” the new Standard of Care

Enable greater predictability in the OR.

Every procedure performed using an Intelligent Surgical Unit™ is accumulated and analyzed, gleaning insights and informing best practices that will become available in real time during future procedures. Three key capabilities make up our Surgical Assurance Framework, supporting the best possible performance at every stage of surgery:

Discover the Missing Piece

pre operative icon, a head with a gear for the top of the head.


A machine learning-driven database for pre-operative simulations, setting up surgeons and their teams to deliver ideal outcomes.

interoperative icon, a globe with points


Perceptive real-time guidance, providing decision-making, improved collaboration, and information sharing during surgery.

post operative image, a graph


Analytics to optimize surgical performance over time and set the groundwork for global standardization.

The Future of Surgery is Here

The Senhance® Surgical System provides an unprecedented level of control. Innovative design and responsive, leading-edge technology help make more surgeries instinctive, efficient, and successful.

Discover the Senhance® System

  • Augmented Intelligence

    Valuable insights available in real time, to enhance decision-making during surgery

  • Reusable, Compatible Instruments

    Breaking down barriers to access the most advanced surgical robotics

  • Open Ergonomic Design

    For effective communication with teams and comfortable physical support during procedures

A Revolutionary Technology Company at the Forefront of Surgical Robotics

Asensus is disrupting differently

Groundbreaking surgical robotics, without the traditional barriers. The first intra-operative Augmented Intelligence technology to be approved for use around the world. Asensus is changing the game to make the safest surgeries more accessible.

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